Magic Adventures: Sideshow Steve

Posted by Peter Monticup on 5/27/2020 to My Life In Magic


Steve Pittella (aka Sideshow Steve) is a professional magician, magic and sideshow historian- and our good friend.
You've watched him many times as he helps us demonstrate some of our magic tricks.
And Steve is the one who brings us the famous Warehouse Finds!

Steve has an incredibly interesting magical background.
A performer for many, many years in the New York City area, Steve's fire act was a regular feature at Renn Faires, celebrity parties and even Studio 54.

In this interview, Steve relates a bit about his history and how he came to live in Virginia.
At the time of this interview, Peter and Steve were promoting a show they put together featuring a lot of local magical talent.
The interview took place in the Pittellas' restaurant, a gourmet hotdog shop called The Boardwalk Cafe In Waynesboro, Virginia.

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