Showmanship Tips: Simple Card Spread and Fan

Posted by Peter Monticup on 10/11/2020 to Showmanship Tips


I love to add a little flourish when I use a deck of cards with my spectators.
It's not necessary, but it adds a little "something something" to any card effect.
It is also a subtle way to establish that you are a good magician who is going to be entertaining.
You also see me do quick spreads and fans in the demo videos.
And you've asked me for some tips on how to do them.
Let me show you my easy technique for making a nice looking card spread and a card fan...


Date 10/13/2020
Shawn Allen
Great tips of advice!
Date 10/13/2020
Mr. G.
Great tips for spreading and fanning cards! Very useful, but it does take practice! Really does enhance your level of performing! Thanks for sharing...

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