An often overlooked aspect of performing is that you have the microphone, and individuals in your audience do not.
That means the vast majority of your audience can hear your comments, but they cannot hear what individual spectators may be saying.
Your audience is only getting half the routine!
Today's tip: repeat the comment made by the individual before answering.
This goes for spontaneous comments by members, as well as responses to your questions during a routine.
If you tell someone to "Name a card", you will have to repeat their response into your microphone so that everyone knows which card they chose.
And if they spontaneously make a comment, like "I know how that's done!", repeat that comment as "Oh, you know how it's done? So do I. It's done very well, if I may say so myself!"
Say It Again, Sam, and make sure your audience can hear both sides of the conversation, so they will stay with you...


Mr. G.

Date 6/30/2020

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