Showmanship Tips: Practice Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Posted by Peter Monticup on 6/20/2020 to Showmanship Tips


Practice for me is a joy as well as an absolute necessity.
Maybe it comes from my love of music, but I really enjoy the careful repetition of practice.
I also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing my magic performances, even the small ones, have been polished like the gems they are.
A good magic effect is 5% mechanics and 95% presentation.
Don't rush it- enjoy the practice. It's an important part of your art!


Date 6/22/2020
Very wise advice! Practice does make the effect stronger and make even the simplest of tricks seem bigger in effect. Often times, the most dramatic tricks have the simplest of mechanics behind them. If a trick is worth doing, do it well and the rewards are tenfold!!

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