Showmanship Tips: Non-Magic Essentials Kit

Posted by Peter Monticup on 10/19/2020 to Showmanship Tips


Your magic props are not the only things you need when you do a show!
You also need a kit of non-magic essentials.

It is inevitable that you will need some basic tools to help you make your show run smoothly.
There is nothing more nerve-wracking than suddenly needing a pair of scissors or a bit of tape to fix a prop that broke in your case while you were transporting it.
Or needing a nail clipper to fix a ragged nail!
Or needing a Kleenex to blow your nose!
Or needing a pen to sign an autograph!

Let me share what I put in MY essentials kits.
And click here for a printable checklist for building your own essentials kit.


Date 10/20/2020
Jim Williams
Great reminder. I never used to use hand moistener until I started presenting an effect using the mecury card fold. I have the deck in my right hand and do the fold with my left forefinger. I found myself licking that finger prior to the fold to insure the card was caught and folded down. I use Evans Tacky-Finger. Comes in a small can.
Date 10/21/2020
Shawn Allen
Very good information as a reminder.

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