Showmanship Tips: Fingertips Tips

Posted by Peter Monticup on 7/12/2020 to Showmanship Tips


Ever wonder why you are struggling when you are trying to learn a new card or coin move?
Maybe it's not you.
Maybe it's your fingertips!

Dry fingertips make card handling MUCH MUCH harder than it has to be.
Coins don't roll smoothly on dry skin, either.
So what to do?

Take a tip from the people who handle paper money all day...


Date 7/12/2020
Thanks for the tip Peter! I noticed that my hands get dry a lot when practicing. Especially now that I’m practicing card manipulation! This will definitely help!
Date 7/14/2020
Shawn Allen
good tip.
Date 7/15/2020
Ted Barrett
Great tip. Will be particularly helpful during the winter months when my hands get real dry. Many thanks.
Date 7/15/2020
Mr. G.
Good idea!!! Thanks Peter!!

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