You asked: "What can I use a false fingertip for?"

Use it as a thumb tip if you have small hands
To custom fit the tip to your thumb, please see the previous Showmanship Tips post from last week called CUSTOM FIT YOUR THUMB TIP

Use it as a dye tube
A dye tube is a secret device that allows you to vanish, produce or change the color of a silk.
In fact, it's called a "dye tube" because you are creating the illusion that you are pushing one color silk into your palm, but when you remove the silk, it has changed color, as if you "dyed it" in your hand.
Unlike a thumb tip, the dye tube is used on the tip of your middle finger, as I show you in this video.

If you like the Dye Tube concept, we sell several dye tube effects, including the SILK DYE TUBE and the CHAMELEON SILKS (see product links below).

Some professional magicians prefer to use the false fingertip as a dye tube, because the fingertip is soft plastic, while a dye tube is hard metal or plastic.

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