"Wow! What a great trick! Can I see that??"
How many times have we heard THAT comment from an enthusiastic spectator?!

There are some very good reasons for not handing over that magic prop.
Let me explain my philosophy...


Stephen schulke

Date 6/15/2020

I will buy as soon as I find that special card Or. coin trick. Thanks ?? Steve ????????????????????

Gary Ray Howell

Date 6/16/2020

Good advice Peter, I was doing a show for a small group of adults. After doing a trick with a helper from the audience, a woman from the back of the room ran up to my stage area and start grabbing my props and feeling each one of them. Lucky, the prop that did the trick was already put away, so she couldn't figure out how I did the trick. And if that wasn't bad enough. She came up after the show and, not asked, but told me that I should do a free show at her Club Scouts Pack because we were members of the same church, but in different towns. I refused and that was the last time I seen her.

Mr. G.

Date 6/16/2020

I have to express how valuable and important your tips on being a magician is. You explain so easily and so full of experience to back up your discussion. What a thoughtful segment. I also, had a person damage a prop by using strength to checkout a metal hoop trick. Luckily, the hoop was not a gimmick and can be done with any hoop. This time it worked out but not always. Many new magic hobbyists can learn so much from you and your vast knowledge. Perhaps in your spare time, you could launch a magic school! I would certainly sign up!!

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