OS SHIP Deck with DVD
One card will be reversed in the deck- with a different color back!

OS SHIP Deck with DVD


Your spectator predicts which card will be reversed in the deck- with a different color back, too!


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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Amazing amazing amazingly EASY!

Here's the effect: Remove the four Aces from a RED deck and place them off to one side. Ask your spectator to think of the value of ANY card. (Let's pretend that he thinks of a 10.)

Ask him to shuffle the four Aces, then lay them out in a row, face down. Let him choose one of the Aces- as each Ace is a different suit, his choice will determine the suit for the trick. For example, let's pretend he chooses the Hearts card.

In a fair manner, he's therefore selected the 10 of Hearts.

You then spread the SAME deck face down across the table. But there is one card that's FACE UP. It is the 10 OF HEARTS!

But wait- there's MORE! The 10 of Hearts is flipped over- and it's the only card with a BLUE back!

And this one even comes with DVD instruction so you can learn it quickly!

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