Shaker of Beads
Separate a container of beads by color- instantly!

Shaker of Beads


Separate a container of beads by color- instantly!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

A magical mystery- or a hilarious routine, your choice!

Amazing, startling, FAST- and incredibly easy to do!
You won't be disappointed with this one!
As you can see from the demo, it even fooled a professional magician!

Show two clear containers, one with beads of all one color (say pink beads) and the other with all beads of a second color (say green).
Mix the beads together into one container, and shake them to really mix them up.
Place both containers behind your back, and instantly bring them in front of you again- the beads are separated by color with all the pink ones in one container, and all the green ones in the other!

This easy trick practically works itself, and can be seen well from a distance!
If you can pour the beads from one container into another- YOU CAN DO THIS TRICK!

Play it as a magical mystery, or play it for comedy!
You can separate the beads secretly, and it will be a mystery to your audience.
Or, you can let everyone in one the absurdly simple way this one works- everyone except your volunteer!

Special thanks to our good friend, magician Brian Bence, for demonstrating this trick with us!

Colors of the beads may vary, depending on what the supplier ships to us.
You will get two different color beads.

You will also get newer style cups, which are tapered like you see in the photo.
The trick works EXACTLY THE SAME as in the demo video.

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