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Posted by Peter Monticup on 10/8/2020 to Magic Movies

Señor Wences

Wenceslao Moreno (April 17, 1896 – April 20, 1999), better known as Señor Wences, was a Spanish ventriloquist and comedian.
He became very popular with American audiences from his many appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 1960s.

Señor Wences had a very funny and charming routine, featuring his distinctive puppets like Johnny, whose face was actually a pair of eyes and lips drawn on Señor Wences' hand.
Another popular character was Pedro, a talking head in a box.

Señor Wences was known for his sweet nature and generous support of fellow performers.
In fact, he gave his puppets to ventriloquist Michele LaFong, who performs with them today.
In the late 1980s, he sent me a signed drawing of all of his favorite figures, done by his own hand, to frame and hang in my latest magic shop.
It now has a place of honor in my library.

Señor Wences retired at age 100.
He died just after his 103rd birthday.
He had been living in New York City's Upper West Side on 54th Street, just around the corner from the Ed Sullivan Theater.
That section of 54th Street has been named Señor Wences Way.


Date 10/13/2020
Mr. G.
Used to watch this act as a kid. Many moons ago... It was simplistic but very clever. Miss those times!! Thank you so much for bringing forth some memories!!
Date 10/14/2020
Joe Attanasio
I also would watch him on the Ed Sullivan (who?) show. The fact that it was obvious that he moved his lips when giving voice to his puppets did not detract at all from his marvelous and entertaining performances. Edgar Bergen was another ventriloquist who could be seen moving his lips but who was an expert and very successful performer. I think both of them show that performance and presentation can trump mechanical skill. Perhaps a lesson for those of us who are magicians -- hobbyists and professionals.

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