OSR See Thru Drawer Box
Produce loads of items from a visibly empty wooden box!

OSR See Thru Drawer Box


Produce or vanish items from a visibly empty wooden box!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

They can see right into the box- and they STILL won't know how you did this!

We only have a handful of these!
And when they're gone- they're GONE!

EASY TOO- if you can open the box, you can do this trick!

Perfect for talent shows or stage productions- this practically works itself!

This is an incredibly easy device for producing or vanishing lots of items!

Simply show the See Thru Drawer Box empty.
The SEE THRU feature of the cutout holes makes it even more deceptive!
Suddenly, you reach into the box and pull out numerous items- silks, cards, sponges, flowers, flags, prizes!

This beautiful piece of magic is easy to perform and will get a BIG reaction!
The box is HUGE, too!
Quality made of real wood and brightly painted, this is both great-looking and impressive!

You can do so much with this clever trick.
Produce candy or little prizes!
Ideal for producing message silks, such as the HAPPY BIRTHDAY silk, the THANK YOU silk or a MAGIC RABBIT silk.
Also great for large silk items like the HUGE PRODUCTION silk.
This box will hold a LOT!

The box is about 13" long, 7" tall and 9" wide.

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PRODUCTION BOXES are devices that let you produce items like candy, silks, sponges or prizes from an empty box or container.

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