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Secret Message Slates - Pocket Size
Writing mysteriously appears on a small set of sealed chalkboard slates!
Ages 10 and up Level 2
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Secret Message Slates - Pocket Size

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What does the message say??

The Secret Message Pocket Slates are a small pair of chalkboard-type writing slates, ordinary looking in every way. But watch what happens when you place a piece of chalk on top of them- suddenly, secret messages appear! ANY MESSAGE YOU WANT! You control what is written- the name of a chosen card, a person's name or initials, a "Will you marry me" message- anything you want!

The small size of this set of slates makes them so easy to carry in your pocket, or tuck into your closeup case. These slates are about 3" x 5" in size.

Use the Secret Message Pocket Slates in so many ways:

Great for mentalists and mindreaders! Use the slates to reveal the secret thoughts of your spectators- names or initials or symbols your spectators think of.

Perfect for closeup card workers- make the name of the chosen card appear written on a slate!

How about a marriage proposal? Show the slates blank, place a rose on top, then open the slates to real the "Will you marry me?" message!

This would work at a birthday party as well. Let the birthday child wave their hands over the slates, and open them to reveal the Happy Birthday message!

For a business convention, how about making your company logo appear on the slate? Yes, you could use a photo rather than a chalk written message!

Of course, this trick is also very effective in a comedy routine, as YOU are the one who really controls what is written on the slates!

Startling effect that gets a shocked and amazed reaction from your audience every time! AND IT'S SO EASY TO DO- it practically works all by itself! If you can put one slate on top of the other- you can do this trick!


How To Force a Card

For this trick, you may need to "force" a card on your spectator. In other words, you need to make it seem like he has a free choice, but really you are making him take the card that you need him to take. There are many ways to force a card, and we carry several books and DVDs to teach you the different methods.

Here is a FREE lesson to teach you an EASY way to force a card, called the Cross Cut Force. Use this force anytime you need to control the selection of a card- it fools them every time!



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