Scientific Vase + BONUS VIDEO
Change water into dry silks, do the Comedy Egg Can and more!

Scientific Vase + BONUS VIDEO


Change water into dry silks, do the Comedy Egg Can and more!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive setup and routine video!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

Very deceptive! And very easy to do! NO SKILL!

High quality manufacture with an easy to operate secret!
And this can be used to perform the Comedy Egg Can routine, as Peter and Dirk show in the demo video!

Transformation tricks (where you turn one thing into something else) have been some of the most popular magic effects in history.
The Scientific Vase is one of those tried-and-true classic routines.
It's been around for centuries!

This version is brand new on the market, with some special improvements that will make your routine easier than ever!

One basic effect is this:
You pour liquid into the Scientific Vase, and then immediately the liquid has vanished, only to be replaced by a load of dry items like silks, sponges, flowers, candies, etc.
Where did the water go??
And where did those other items come from??

That's the mystery!
Your audience will love this one, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO SKILL needed!
If you can put the cover on the tube and lift it back off, you can do this trick!

BONUS! You'll also get the password for Monticup's BONUS INSTRUCTION video!
You'll see EXACTLY how to set this up and operate it smoothly!
Plus, you'll learn how to use this vase to do the popular Comedy Egg Can routine shown in the demo video above!

As an EXCLUSIVE TIP for our customers like you, let us show you how to load the Scientific Vase so that it's easier to produce your silks.
Click the TIPS & IDEAS box above!

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