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Rubber Bands- Coin Repair
ONE DOZEN top quality bands last longer, are stronger!
Ages 13 and up Level 1
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Rubber Bands- Coin Repair

Item Id: 90-0311 review 3 Review(s) 5
Suggested Retail:$3.95
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Hard to find- but we've got them for you!

You'll get a package of one dozen (12) replacement rubber bands for your trick quarter size coins.
These are the tiny bands used in the Folding Coin, Bite Out Coin and Cigarette Thru Quarter.

Please note: You are ordering the Rubber bands only- coins are not included.

And this item SHIPS FREE! So, if this is the only item you are buying, there will be NO CHARGE for shipping!
How's THAT for a great deal!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS! Learn exactly how to replace the rubber bands in your trick coins!
No instructions come with the rubber bands, so we want to share our own EASY METHOD with you.
You won't find this information anywhere else! You're welcome! :-)

5 Stars
These Bands Work
Everyone else sells the fifty cent piece sized rubber bands and try to tell us they work for the quarter (theirs do not work). I am so glad I found you guys! You have the real thing. I will be ordering my quarter sized bands from you from here on out.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NJ. on 6/26/2015
5 Stars
Yes, you need these...
If you have any gimmicked coins e.g. Folding Quarter , Bite Out Quarter etc., you'll certainly need a supply of these. The bands do need to be replaced every now and then, depending on usage, age, and environment. My suggestion, at this price, buy a couple of packs. They're cheap and it's better to have two packs. C'mon, you know that you're going to misplace the first one...hehe. Also, the tip about refrigerating them actually works...who knew?
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from CA. on 8/27/2015
5 Stars
These work for all my coins!
I have a bite out quarter,folding quarter(Coin in bottle),and folding half dollar(Half dollar in bottle). The rubber bands fit my coins just fine. They are the only kind I've ever bought and I'm hooked.I thought they would brake all the time and they did not. :):) Here are some tips I found out using the very, very, very, very, very and 1 more time very small rubber bands. (1)Get a pill bottle and label it rubber bands-coin. So you don't confuse them with the cookie rubber bands (If you have some) I used a strip of paper and wrote "rubber bands-coins" on it and placed it inside the tube. (2)put two rubber bands on your coin in case one brakes you have a spare on your coin. (I can't take credit for this idea it came in my instructions for my folding half dollar.) (3)put a small amount of flour in your pill bottle. (Can't take credit for this one either it came in the instructions for my folding half dollar.) (4)don't - don't leave them in the sun for long period's of time in less you want dry rotted rubber bands. (5)Don't let them get (hot and cold) (hot and cold) (hot and cold) or they brake (trust me I thought I could stick them in the car during the winter time going out side and getting wormed up they just broke on my coins when I went to move the coins (to do the trick.) So, if you do go outside and inside a lot keep them in your pocket. That's just my opinion. (6) I also read that you can put the smallest amount of Vaseline on the rubber band before you put it in your coin. But don't forget to blow off the flour first.(I can't take credit for this idea ether got it from the folding half dollar). So, here is what I think of these rubber bands.:):):):):):):) LOL Just thought I'd add this to be silly and have a dissimilar. Just because you add flour does not make them editable. Like SERIOUSLY DON'T EAT IT BECAUSE IT HAS FLOUR ON THEM. THERE STILL RUBBER!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MAY CHOKE!!IF NOT IT'S JUST DISGUSTING!!!!!!! I love these things supper duper itisy bitisy rubber bands for coins ***** stars
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Reviewed by:  from ohio. on 2/11/2017
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