Rubber Chicken
Classic comedy prop, and ideal production item!

Rubber Chicken


The legendary classic comedy prop- a great item to produce!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1


This Rubber Chicken is made of heavy duty rubbery plastic, soft enough to be flexible, but sturdy enough to hold at the seams.

The world famous Rubber Chicken! It's rubber! It's a chicken! It's hilarious!

A full 20" long! Flexible and rubbery, it can be folded up to be concealed inside a box or jacket. Painted yellowish with orange feet and head and modeled from a real chicken!

Chicken only- no instructions. Also, this chicken does not squeak. If you would like to make it squeak, you need to add a Squeeker, which is available from

We welcome quantity orders! We are set up to handle fast shipment of larger orders, saving you time. Please note: rubber chickens are heavy. Orders for more than five chickens will be charged actual shipping costs. Please inquire for actual shipping costs for quantities (this will depend on your location). Please call us at 1-590-832-0900 or contact us before ordering.

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History and Trivia:

The Rubber Chicken was invented, or at least popularized, by the legendary 19th century British clown Joseph Grimaldi, whose specialty was making fun of England's upper classes and their excesses. To point out the greediness and gluttony of the rich, Grimaldi would produce a huge selection of rubber food props from his coat, including a whole chicken. The ridiculousness of hiding all that food in a coat was hilarious to his audiences. The ridiculousness of the appearance of the modern rubber chicken is hilarious to today's audiences.

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