DISCONTINUED RTF Impossible Chopper
Melt a guillotine blade around a spectator's finger!

DISCONTINUED RTF Impossible Chopper


The wood guillotine blade ends up around a spectator's finger!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Ready To Finish saves you money!


We came across a handful of these wonderful Impossible Choppers that work beautifully, but were never given a final varnishing.
You can simply give it a coat of finish (stain it first if you'd like), or leave it just the way it is.
Get your Ready To Finish Impossible Chopper at a bargain price!

An incredible twist to this easy to perform favorite trick!

The Chopper is a very popular, clever effect because the spectators always expect the magic to go wrong.
And they never expect the ending to this one!

The wood blade is removed from the holder.
The blade is solid (the illustration shows the blade fully inserted into the frame, with the hole through it).
The volunteer places his finger through the hole in the frame.
The blade is positioned at the top of the frame, then- BAM!
The blade is pushed right through the finger, without hurting it a bit.

But wait! THAT'S NOT ALL!
The frame is opened to reveal that the finger is now through the hole in the formerly solid blade!
How in the world is that possible???

Supplied ready to work, complete with easy to follow instructions.
Chopper is precision made of wood. About 4" high.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • RTF Impossible Chopper
  • printed instructions

You supply the finger. :-)

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