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Robert Elroy

Magician and Agent

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Robert Elroy

Clinton Burgess and Robert Elroy

  • ?-?
  • Real Name: Robert Henri Elroy
  • Birthday: ?
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Buried: ?

Robert Elroy was an American vaudeville magician and talent agent.

First peforming as a solo magician in 1908, he was joined onstage in 1910 by his wife. Together they toured South America and Mexico before returning to the United States.

In the June 1912 issue of The Luyceumite and Talent magazine, he advertised his show as "Robert Henri Elroy, in a clever presentation of magical, musical and novelty surprises, assisted by Clinton Burgess". In another advertisement, he calls himself "The Second Maro", referring to another famous magician.

In their act, Elroy performed manipulations and silk effects, while Burgess did card effects and fancy flourishes.

In 1912, he opened his own talent agency, called the Robert Henri Elroy Co., out of his home at 31 South Street in the Brighton area of New York City. He advertised magic acts, plus "Novel Musical Instruments, Shadowgraphy, Ventriloquism, Chalk Talks, Rag Pictures, Paper Folding...".

Eventually, Burgess became his partner in the agency. The company was renamed the Metropolitan Bureau of Magic.

Elroy was also very involved in the magic fraternity, with a longtime membership in the National Conjurers Association, where he served as Vice-President.


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