DISCONTINUED Finger Ring Off Brass Bolt
Instantly removed a borrowed ring that has been locked on to a bolt!

DISCONTINUED Finger Ring Off Brass Bolt


Instantly removed a borrowed ring that has been locked on to a heavy solid bolt!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

There's magic in your hands!


Incredible magic effect that happens in your hands- and right in front of their eyes!

Just borrow a finger ring from your spectator and let him place it on a solid brass bolt.
Then let him screw a nut onto the bolt, to prevent the ring from being removed.
Then let him screw a SECOND nut on.
The ring is now truly and securely locked on the bolt- it can't slide off past those nuts!

Of course, YOU can INSTANTLY get the ring off the bolt!
You just place a silk handkerchief over the bolt and have your spectator cup his hands under it.
At your command, the ring drops right into his hands!
Very startling!

You can also release the ring WITHOUT using a handkerchief- just as Peter does it in the video demo here.
It's up to you!

This clever closeup trick is machined from solid brass for years of trouble-free use.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • brass bolt and two nuts
  • easy printed instructions

You need a finger ring- a borrowed one is best.
You supply a small cloth to cover your hands as you do the magic, if desired.

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