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Ricky the Chihuahua

Ricky the Chihuahua

Ricky is a Professional Model!

Ricky the Chihuahua is the official diva dog at

Ricky is a rescue dog and was born in 2008. He is very photogenic, and he knows it. He has a very spoiled attitude, and can be very dramatic when he wants to be. His favorite sport is being petted and pampered, and his favorite snack is ravioli. But only if it is covered in homemade sauce, and served on a special plate. He is Ricky, after all!

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Look for Ricky

Find Ricky!

Ricky stars in several product demonstration videos.

Chinese Sticks

Black Dove Pan
Ricky loves to ride in the car
Ricky loves to ride in the car!
Ricky says Surprise Me
Ricky says "Surprise me!"
Ricky posing for the camera
Ricky posing for the camera
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