This year our holiday celebrations may be a bit different than we are used to.
We may have to celebrate by communicating over the Internet, using our phones, our tablets and our computer screens.

Don't let it get you down!
We can bring magic to any party, even if the party is VIRTUAL- on screen instead of in person.

You can do "show and tell" type tricks that don't require any participation, like production pans, blooming flowers, D'Lites or multiplying rabbits.
Or you can definitely do participation tricks, where your virtual audience can name a card or color, etc.
You can even do a "pick a card" kind of trick virtually- just run your finger over the cards and let your virtual spectator tell you when to stop, landing your finger on their "chosen" card, for example.

Best of all, you can choose a trick like the Clearly Visible panels shown in the video, where you can produce a message like "Merry Christmas to My Family".

We've linked some great tricks below that would be perfect for virtual shows.
And don't forget to browse through our Boredom Busters.
Click to see 60 FREE TRICKS that you can do with items found in your home.
You'll see each trick performed, and then see exactly how to do it.

Get creative and get your magic skills ready for virtual celebrations!


Tom Bohacek

Date 12/9/2020

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