Red Square Knot
Rope ties into a SQUARE knot- which comes off!

Red Square Knot


A double surprise- a rope ties into a SQUARE knot, then the knot comes off!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

It's hip to be square!


A "do as I do" with a surprise ending!
As quick as it is EASY!

Start with two lengths of bright red rope, one for your spectator and one for you.
Ask your spectator if he knows how to tie a square knot.
Ask him to tie his rope into a square knot, and you will do the same.
You proceed to tie the two ends of your rope into a square knot.
When you pull on the sides of the rope- IT TIES INTO AN ACTUAL SQUARE OF ROPE!

And here is the EXTRA surprise!
You then pull on the square knot- and it COMES OFF THE ROPE!

This is one of those tricks that will leave them thinking "How did you do that??!!"

Of course, you can also change the routine and perform it yourself without using a spectator.
Just tie the one rope into the Square Knot, and then remove the knot like magic!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Red Square Knot
  • printed instructions

That's all you need!

The rope measures about 2 feet long.
The knot is about 2.25" on each side.

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