Red Production Box
Produce lots of your items from this empty box!

Red Production Box


Produce lots of items from an empty box!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Big effect for an economy price!

This box really works by itself- perfect for the beginning magician, for a talent show, for a play- and also a useful addition to any magician's show!

We've offered boxes like this one before, but not at this great low price!

How easy is this?!
Open the door on the front to show the box empty.
Then open the door at the top, and instantly produce silks, flowers, prizes, candy etc. from the apparently empty box!
At any time, you can close the top, open the front again to show the box is empty, then open the top again to produce even more items!
Use this incredible prop to produce whatever you can fit into the box.
It's as easy as opening the door of the box, but it looks like impossible magic!

Nicely painted wood construction for years of use!
The box measures about 7 x 7 x 7 inches.

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PRODUCTION BOXES are devices that let you produce items like candy, silks, sponges or prizes from an empty box or container.

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