Deluxe Rabbit in Hat Puppet
Have fun with your assistant- a lively rabbit in a hat!

Deluxe Rabbit in Hat Puppet


Have fun with your assistant- a lively rabbit in a hat!


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Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Your assistant- the Magic Rabbit in a hat!

A great way to add comedy and personality to your show- your own Rabbit in a Hat!

Just think of all the possibilities! You can have your rabbit interact with your audience by nodding, waving, tapping or even taking items from their hands. Your rabbit friend can assist you with a trick, by holding and waving a magic wand, for example. Your rabbit can be happy and friendly, or can have a comical personality. You be the creative one!

And it's so simple to operate! Simply place your hand inside the puppet through an opening in the back of the hat. Place your other hand inside a separate white glove (that's included). The hat has a sewn-on white glove, so when you are holding the hat, it looks like both of your hands are inside the white gloves. Very clever!

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