QuartOkito Coin Box + BONUS VIDEO
Make a coin vanish from a brass box with a hole in the cover!

QuartOkito Coin Box + BONUS VIDEO


Make a coin vanish from a brass box with a hole in the cover!
BONUS: Get Monticup's instruction video FREE!


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

Startling magic with an ordinary quarter!

With a little practice, you can turn this amazing effect into an entire coin routine!
This small brass box can be used to make a quarter vanish- and then reappear, just like magic!

Most amazing is the fact that the quarter CAN BE CLEARLY SEEN through a hole in the cover of the box.
Yes! Let your spectator mark the ordinary quarter, then place the quarter in the brass QuartOkito box.
In an instant, the box is EMPTY!
And you can make his marked coin REAPPEAR elsewhere- from your pocket, or from a locked box like the QUARTER GO (see below).

And this one comes with a BONUS! This is one of Peter Monticup's favorite pieces of coin magic equipment, so he made a BONUS video to share his personal handling tips and techniques.
You won't get this video anywhere else! Don't miss out!

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