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Turn a real dollar bill inside out! No skill!
Ages 13 and up Level 2
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A favorite effect made EASIER!

The Mismade Bill effect with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND required!

It's an amazing illusion using real money!
Start with a one dollar bill.
In full view of your spectators, fold the bill several times, then unfold it- the bill is now all mixed up, with the outside edges on the inside!
No, not taped, not fitted together- this dollar is actually printed as one complete piece, only inside out!

The response you will get is incredible!
People won't believe their eyes!
And yes- you can immediately turn it back into the regular looking one dollar bill.

Comes complete with everything you need, and instructions.

The mixed up bill is a REAL DOLLAR BILL, officially printed by the United States government!
Uncut sheets of US paper currency are sold by many coin dealers.
This bill is made from one of those sheets.

We also carry the MISMADE BILL, which is a similar effect of a mixed up bill.
The difference:
Mismade Bill requires sleight of hand, you can use a borrowed one dollar bill to start, and your spectator can handle the mixed up bill at the end.
QuadraBill requires no sleight of hand, but you can't use a borrowed dollar and you can't hand out the mixed up bill at the end.


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