Pulls Assortment - PREOWNED
Three different pulls plus elastic!

Pulls Assortment - PREOWNED


Three different pulls plus elastic!



This is how you vanish something up your sleeve!

VERY hard to find! These pulls have been off the market for a long time!
THREE different pulls plus tons of elastic cord for a BARGAIN price!

From the estate collection of an amateur magician who took really good care of his props!

PULLS are devices used to secretly whisk those silks up your sleeve.
Generally, the pull has a container (like a hollow ball) that you can secretly hold in your palm.
The ball is attached to a length of elastic cord, which you feed up up your sleeve, preferably under a jacket.
You can then stuff a silk into the ball, making it look like you are just stuffing the silk into your hand.
When you open your hand, the attached elastic PULLS the gimmick (and the silk) up your sleeve, where it stays hidden.
Three are many YouTube videos on how to use a pull gimmick.
Here is your chance to get an assortment of GENTLY USED pulls- and the elastic to work them- at a BARGAIN price!

CONDITION: gently used
The elastic looks brand new, though some of it has been removed from its packaging- please look at the photo.

Click to see a larger photo of this assortment of pulls and elastic cord.

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