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Psychic Blocks
Only the selected blocks magically release from the rod!

Psychic Blocks


Only the selected blocks magically release from the rod!

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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Impressive and colorful! Use on stage or close up!

No matter which blocks they choose, they are the ONLY ones that come off the rod!

The routine is simple:
Let your spectator choose any two of six different color blocks.
All of the blocks are placed into the wood box.
A metal rod is fed through the side of the box, and through the holes in the blocks.
The spectator can even hold one end of the rod.

And now the magic happens! You simply open the box and tip it over.
Two of the blocks fall loose onto the table-
they are the blocks that the spectator chose!
All the other blocks are still in the box, held there by the rod that runs through all of them!

This one is VERY easy- it works every time!
It does not matter which blocks are chosen!
If you can put the blocks in the box, you can do this incredible trick!

If you are a collector of great magic, this looks FANTASTIC displayed on your magic shelf, too!

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