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Produce Freddie's missing head from a popped balloon!
Produce a live bunny from an empty box!
Change one item of your choice for another- four times- with this noisy kid pleaser!
Your spectator's ESP cards match yours on a CLEAR see-thru card holder!
Vanish a die from inside a box- classic solid wood design sucker die box!
A bottle moves invisibly between tubes, changes places with a glass, multiplies and changes color!
This wooden chest resists anyone lifting it- until you let them!
Split your raccoon puppet into three parts- then make him whole again!
Creative performance of Bizarre Magick!
Easy to transport side table gives you plenty of performance room!
Includes BONUS hard sided transport case/span>
Rotate your assistant's head in a complete 360 degree circle!
8-Volume in-depth set of magic lessons teaches you tricks, sleights, secrets!
Change the color of a little house- and produce a live rabbit!
Impressive and authentic oversize broadside advertising 19th century magician De La Mano!
Portable professional storage case that turns into a performing table- instantly!
Use a new method to correctly predict the thoughts of three spectators!
BONUS VIDEO: Comes with exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Rice, checkers and an orange magically change places!
Store and transport your magic, then you're all ready to perform!
Perform stage or closeup magic on a professional table- complete with carrying case and hidden drawer!
Rare and authentic tabletop statue from 1877, depicting a performing traveling magician and his astonished spectators!

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