Appearing Flower Bouquets - PAIR
Instantly produce TWO big bouquets of flowers- one in each hand!

Appearing Flower Bouquets - PAIR


Instantly produce TWO big bouquets of flowers- one in each hand!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

Incredibly easy and very pretty! And a real bargain- you get TWO for this price!



This time, it really IS up your sleeve!
At any time, you can produce not one but TWO large and colorful bouquets of flowers!

AUTOMATIC- so this is perfect for a dance recital, talent show or theatrical production!

Need just ONE bouquet?

Easier than you can imagine, you can instantly pull a bouquet of flowers from your sleeve!
Or produce the bouquet from inside a rolled up newspaper, from inside an "empty" box (like a Square Circle), from underneath a cloth- you decide!

You get ONE RED bouquet and ONE YELLOW bouquet, so you can either produce one and then the other, or you can produce them both together as one HUGE colorful bunch.
In fact, the photo above shows the yellow and red bouquets separately, and in the middle, what they look like when they are held together.

The working couldn't be easier.
They are constructed to compress into a narrow area, so they can easily be hidden in a tightly rolled newspaper, inside a closed umbrella, or even up your sleeve.
Once released, the bouquets instantly spread out into an impressive size.
The effect is quite magical- where did such a large bunch of flowers come from??

The bouquets are made of heavy duty cloth flowers, with hand dyed green feathers for the leaves.
There is even a sprinkling of "dew" on the flowers for extra sparkle!
With a convenient pull ring built into the flower stem, this pair of sleeve production blooms is designed for years of trouble free use!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • TWO Appearing Flower Bouquets (one yellow, one red)
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!
You supply your own trick or routine to make the flowers appear.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

For a dance recital, you could pack a number of these bouquets into a vase or container made to look like a vase. Pack them compressed, with just the stems sticking up. As each dancer passes the vase, s/he only has to pull a stem by the ring and POP! A flower bouquet appears. One by one, the dancers easily produce their bouquets, until all of them are holding a bunch of flowers. Very colorful! The stem and ring makes the bouquet easy to hold while dancing.
Wonderful way to add color to your show- and make it look bigger! Produce the bouquet at the start of your show, and leave it out on a side table throughout the show. Looks great!
Propose with style! Attach the engagement ring to the center of the bouquet. Produce the bouquet- and there is the ring!


Q: Do you receive one yellow and one red in each pair?
Asked by: Steve C - 5/22/2016
A: You will receive one red bouquet and one yellow bouquet. If you would like to request that both bouquets be the same color, please add your request to the Comments box when you checkout and pay. You can also call us at 540-832-0900 weekdays.

Answer provided by: (5/22/2016)
Q: If I ordered the Appearing Bouquet today (Wednesday) if I would receive it by next Monday, or Tuesday at the latest? I'm in WA. Thanks!
Asked by: Josh - 4/20/2016
A: Orders received before 12 noon ET usually ship out the same day. The USPS normally takes about 3 business days (weekdays) to get a package from the East Coast, where we are located, to the West Coast. If all goes normally, you should receive your package on Monday or Tuesday. However, once we ship your package, it's in the hands of the Postal Service- we have no control over the speed of delivery. Fortunately, the USPS is usually very reliable.

Answer provided by: (4/20/2016)
Q: Is the Appearing Flower Bouquet re-usable or is it a one-time affair?
Asked by: Bill J - 1/26/2016
A: The flower bouquets can be used again and again. Just remember to store them open (don't crush them or put them into a tight plastic bag). You'll have many years of use out of them with proper care!

Answer provided by: (1/26/2016)
Q: I'm directing a summer theater performance of Godspell. In it one of the actors is to produce a sleeved bouquet. It's not intended to be particularly "magical". I assume this illusion is similar except with two bouquets. If not, how does it differ? Is it something an actor can master without much practice? Also, I would prefer to replace the stage business with something more visually interesting. If you have any suggestions for something that would be appropriate (a flower production of some sort) I would appreciate your input. Thanks.
Asked by: Doug - 6/30/2015
A: Yes, you are correct- the bouquets themselves are not "magical"- they don't do anything on their own. They are props that are meant to be produced or pulled out of the sleeve. The "magic" part is that the flowers can compress into a narrow space, like your sleeve, but immediately fluff open to appear very big.

Yes, this takes no practice on the part of an actor. All he has to do is pull the stem out of his sleeve, and out comes the bouquet!

If you need more suggestions for tricks that will fit your situation, please call Peter Monticup at 540-832-0900 weekdays. He's the owner of, and he is always happy to help.

Answer provided by: (6/30/2015)
Q: I just scrolled down your page and found you've answered all my questions before I asked. I also followed your links and found several other flower illusions with excellent information and video demos. I will be ordering the multiplying bouquets momentarily but wanted to let you know that, as someone who's knowledge of magic is limited, I really appreciate your site and its straight forward, informative approach. Thanks. It was very helpful.
Asked by: Doug - 6/30/2015
A: Thanks for the compliments! Glad our information is helpful. :-)

Answer provided by: (6/30/2015)

Customer Reviews

Theatre Director
Received them quickly and they are exactly what we need. With a little practice they will make a big impact. This is for a medium sized stage for a house of about 250 with a balcony. Their size will be easily seen from every seat; they are quite full and very colorful.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Woodland, CA. on 12/21/2017
Play director
Item quality is excellent and it is easy to use. It is used at an unexpected moment in a play, and the bright yellow flowers really pop out on stage.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from WA. on 9/5/2015

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