Marked Deck- Pro M
Clever professional marked Bicycle deck!

Marked Deck- Pro M


Great marked deck- very deceptive!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Clever method!



PRO M- the Professionals' Marked Deck!
What wonderful magic tricks you can do with a marked deck!
Even if you don't know any sleight of hand with cards, you can do amazing card tricks with this deck- simply because you will always know what each and every card is- without having to see the face!

The Pro M Marked Deck is cleverly marked in such a way that it is EASY for you to see, but nearly impossible for others to detect.
Even those familiar with other marked decks will be fooled- they won't know where to look for the mark!

And these marks are PRINTED right on the cards, not with rub-on transfers.
Easy-to-follow printed instructions show you EXACTLY how to "read" the mark and know what each card is.

Of course, there are hundreds of card tricks you can do if you have a marked deck.
Simply put, whatever card your spectator chooses, you'll know what it is.
For example, if a chosen card is put back into the deck, you'll be able to locate it just by looking at the backs of the cards.

Also, by reading the mark on the back, you'll always know if your trick is going "as planned".
You'll never be surprised by turning over a card at the end of the trick, only to discover- too late!- that you had miscounted or done something wrong.
Knowledge is power, and you will always be in control with this deck!

This deck is offered for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.
It is meant as a tool for magicians to perform magic tricks, NOT FOR GAMBLING.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Pro-M Marked Deck
  • printed instructions

You supply the tricks and routines.
Deck is Poker sized with a Bicycle Rider back design.

Rewards Points

Buy this item - get 35 Rewards Points!

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