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Princess Zeella

Female Nightclub Mentalist

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"Princess Zeella" was the stage name of an American female nightclub magician and mentalist performing in clubs along the East Coast in the 1940's.

Her partner in the act was "Dr. Chanda". Princess Zeella acted as the "psychic" in the routine.

Here are some of the clips about Chanda and Zeella from the Bob Sachs "Magic" column in Billboard:

(10-11-47): "Chanda the Magician and Princess Zeella have launched their new season in Pennsylvania, from whence they will soon head southward."

(3-12-49): "Chanda the Great and Princess Zeella, televisionologist, are still touring Florida, playing theaters. They expect to wind up the current jaunt in April when they will return north for their summer season."

(6-4-49): "Princess Zeella and Dr. Chanda, mental-magic turn, after winding up Florida theater dates, are working theaters, clubs and parks in Pennsylvania, with similar dates in Maryland, New Jersey and New York."


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