Presto Pans Comparison

A Presto Pan is a box or dish that you show empty, then cover it, and when you remove the cover again- PRESTO! Your items have magically appeared! You can use these pans to produce candy, party favors, and small items like sponges, sponge cakes, cards, silks, spring flowers, etc.

Magic Pan - Pedestal Style

Magic Pan - Pedestal

  • Made of: metal
  • Pan size: about 6" diameter, 2.5" deep load space
  • Unique features: pedestal base

Magic Candy Pan

Magic Candy Box

  • Made of: plastic
  • Pan size: about 4" on each side, 2" deep load space
  • Unique features: compact size, lightweight, economical

Thin Production Pan

Thin Production Pan

  • Made of: plastic
  • Pan size: about 4" in diameter, 0.5" deep load space
  • Unique features: lightweight, economical

Double Load Production Pan

Double Load Production Pan

  • Made of: metal
  • Pan size: about 8" diameter, 1" deep load space
  • Unique features: two load pans, larger load area

*Presto Pans Comparison

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Produce lots of candy, prizes, etc. from a vibrant red pan!
Produce a pile of candy or prizes from this small empty pan!
$13.99 $9.99
Produce a big bunch of flowers or silks from a thin pan!
$7.99 $5.99
Produce lots of candy, silks, sponges, or party favors- no skill needed!
Produce a small item from this mini production pan!
Produce some surprises from an empty box or hat!
ONLINE VIDEO: Comes with exclusive ONLINE instruction routine and tips from Peter Monticup!

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