Presto Cloth
Large opaque cloth for covering items!

Presto Cloth


Large opaque cloth for covering items!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

HUGE cloth to cover items!


Need a REALLY BIG cloth to drape over a prop?
This is it!

But if you want one- GRAB IT FAST!
Only a couple of these are available!

We recently came across a small supply of these wonderful cloths at a great price!
Really generous size makes this the ideal cloth for covering a larger tabletop prop.
Peter Monticup often covers the props he will use later in his show to keep the "surprise" element.
You could also use the cloth to help you in a production or transformation.
Drape the cloth over your arm and magically produce a bouquet of flowers from your sleeve, for example!

Actually, this cloth also has built-in pockets!
These pockets are PERFECT for producing our Lucky 7 Bouquets!
Just load the bouquet into the pocket in secret.

Show the cloth on both sides- the way it is built, the flowers are hidden.
When you are ready, simply pull the bouquet by the ring tab and pull it out with a flourish.
Looks like the flowers came out of nowhere!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Presto Cloth

CLOTH ONLY. No instructions or other items are included.

Made of a synthetic smooth silky material.
FABRIC PATTERN MAY VARY depending on what the manufacturer currently ships.

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