Practice makes perfect!

I talk a lot about the importance of perfecting your skills and rehearsing.
You can never practice an effect or a move too much.
Keeps your fingers limber as well.
Any spare moment I have- waiting in line, talking on the phone, taking a walk with the dogs- I try to practice some magic at the same time.

If you can set up your phone and video yourself, it really helps.
Even when I am in the packing room I take time out to do a little practicing...


Mr. G.

Date 5/24/2022

Thanks for sharing how you make magic look so smooth and inspire so many! Myself being one of them... You have such a skill and a talent that is shared and very much appreciated and respected. What a wonderful life being in magic. Hard work, determination and very supportive people surrounding Peter & Jackie made it all worth the journey!!! God Bless!!! ????

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