Power Pickpocket Wallet
Produce or vanish this foam wallet for lots of laughs!

Power Pickpocket Wallet


Produce or vanish this foam wallet for lots of laughs!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

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Great comedy prop for the stage!


This fake wallet becomes a great comedy prop when you pretend to pickpocket your spectator!
You can also make it appear and vanish over and over again!

There is so much comedy potential here!
You can pretend to take your spectator's wallet- watch him automatically reach for his pocket when he thinks you've snatched his cash!
The Power Pickpocket wallet gives the illusion of stealing your victims wallet right in front of the audience!
You can look through it, examine the insides, and then return it supposedly without the spectator ever noticing!

Or you can produce this wallet from inside your hat, or under a large set of Cups and Balls, or from under your show, etc.!

Of course, this sponge wallet is not meant to look 100% real- it's meant as a comedy prop.

This is a quality made sponge foam wallet, densely colored and made by Goshman.
It is easily manipulated, much like a sponge ball.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Power Pickpocket Wallet
  • printed instructions

Wallet is made of squashable foam.
Size is about 4" square when open.

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