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Deluxe Pocket Vault
Reappear a ring or coin from an IMPOSSIBLY LOCKED metal box!

Deluxe Pocket Vault


Reappear a ring or coin from an IMPOSSIBLY LOCKED metal box! UNIQUE METHOD

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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

You will NOT be able to figure out how this one works!

Even MagicTricks.com owner Peter Monticup had to read the instructions! This is a fooler!
You will be absolutely amazed when you find out how this one is done!
There is nothing else like it on the market!
No, it DOESN'T work like a Lippincott Box, or Quarter Go Box or Locked Box- it's a DIFFERENT method!

The Pocket Vault box is a wonderful way to make something small reappear after you have vanished it, just like magic!

Let's say you've made a coin or a ring vanish with another trick.
How do you make the coin or ring appear again?
Magically. with the POCKET VAULT!

Yes, this one will fool your spectators, that's for sure.
But it fools magicians as well!The real mystery is how this one works!
It is NOT like any method you've seen!

Wondering what the secret is all about? Well, you will have to get one in your hands to find out!

This is a beautifully machined small metal box. It DOES include a lock and key.
And of course- the instructions on how this mystery works!

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