An oldie but goodie!
I really enjoy the vintage tunes, especially lively melodies like this one.
Go ahead- get up and dance!


Phillip Dennis

Date 6/22/2020

Very nice! Thank you!

Mark Z

Date 6/22/2020

Well done Peter...nothing like a good foot tappin' song. Thank you for sharing your musical talent.

Tom Bohacek

Date 6/22/2020

Thanks Peter. I still remember when you played the grand piano for me.

Mr. G.

Date 6/22/2020

Great tune and well played. Not a piano player but do appreciate the gift you have!!!

Dr. Nate

Date 6/24/2020

I never new the name of that tune. It was very well played.

Sim Sahib Kernini

Date 8/11/2020

Nice job, Maestro!!! I've always enjoyed the Boogie rhythm, and you played it well!!

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