Name This Tune

Posted by Peter Monticup on 4/26/2021 to Monticup's Music

We're starting a new challenge!
If this famous "oldie" sounds familiar, comment with your best guess below!
Then check back next week to see if you were right!

Did I stump you, or do you know your music??!

Yes! This is Neil Sedaka's "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do", considered to be his signature song.
It was also a big hit in 1972 for the Partridge Family!


Date 4/26/2021
Trey Paterson
Breaking Up is Hard to Do.
Date 4/27/2021
I agree with Trey Paterson, Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Date 4/27/2021
Mr. G.
Well done Peter, a favorite of mine and enjoy the bluesy genre. So when is your album coming out???
Date 5/2/2021
AS Mr Sedaka would say BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO, Good job peter.

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