OSR Personal FX
THEY choose where to place their personal items- but YOU always know!

OSR Personal FX


THEY choose where to place their personal effects- but YOU are always right!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Astounding magic effect that will make them REMEMBER YOU!


What better magic than a trick with items that belong to your spectator?
They will not believe this one- and they'll be talking about it AND you for a long, long time!

Take out a business card wallet, and remove three of your business cards (or any small cards will do).
Lay the cards in a row, face up so your information is showing, and the backs are hidden.

Ask your spectator for two of his personal effects- a cell phone and a set of keys.
Have him place the phone on ANY one of the three cards.
Then have him place his keys on EITHER of the two remaining cards.

After he's finished, place the card that he did not choose back inside your card wallet.
Then- let him pick up the card that he placed his phone on top of.
When he turns the card over, it says PHONE!

Next, let him pick up the card that he placed his keys on top of.
When he turns the card over, it says KEYS!

BUT WAIT- that's not all!
Take the third card back out of the card case.
When he turns that last card over, it says WALLET!

Great way to hand out your business card!
After the trick is finished, let them keep your cards- and they will!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • card wallet
  • instructions on DVD

You supply the ordinary business cards.
Let your spectator supply the borrowed phone and keys.

Customer Reviews

Need a Phone and Some Keyk
Holy cow is this a stunner! They are so shocked at this one. It really seems impossible. The only problem is that they need to have a phone and keys so you can do the trick. Most people do, so its not a big problem. You can also use your own. It just looks better when you use thiers.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from TX. on 5/2/2015

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