This is an early promotional clip for Wistia, the company that was hosting our online videos at the time.
YouTube, a free service, was marketing itself toward the creative individual, and had many restrictions on posting commercial video.
In fact, YouTube was notorious for suddenly "taking down" entire commercial accounts.
So if your company had invested lots of time and money producing videos, and you were using YouTube to store and deliver those videos to viewers, you could easily wake up one morning and find that everything had been erased by YouTube.
A few years later, Google purchased YouTube and completely switched gears, actively seeking out commercial accounts.
Sadly, Wistia also changed business models and we had to find another home for the MagicTricks.com videos.
For those that are interested, we use Vimeo. :-)
But we have many fond memories of our time with Wistia, our two companies helping each other learn the ins and outs of online video.


Mr. G.

Date 10/13/2020

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