Performance: Spencer Farmans- Vanishing Birdcage

Posted by Peter Monticup on 6/23/2020 to Guest Performers

Our customer and friend, the versatile Spencer Farmans performs a perfect VANISHING BIRDCAGE routine!

Spencer Farmans has performed for over 35 years with such stage spectaculars as The Dancing Handkerchief, The Floating Lady, and many more illusions.
And in the Abbott’s 2017 close up convention, Spencer placed second out of 25 magicians for his performance of The Vanishing Birdcage.
Spencer has performed his dazzling feats of magic on WGN, NBC, and at The Magic Castle.


Date 6/30/2020
Marisa Novak
Spencer's magic always surprises and delights me! His presentation sets up the illusion so well and leaves the audience anticipating something magical! I can never solve the mystery when he's performing, and that's okay, because I just enjoy watching his approach and seeing the end result of the magic trick. The Vanishing Birdcage illusion is no exception. Well done, Spencer!

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