Our friend, the legendary ROCCO, performs his jawdropping manipulation act in this clip from a 2017 performance in Macau!

We first met Rocco when we brought him in to do a magic lecture at our Old Curiosity Shop in upstate New York, back in the late 1980s.
He was a lot of fun with a quick wit, a wild imagination and an astounding gift for magic manipulation.
At the time, he was performing an act with a lot of salt. No- a LOT of salt!!!
He performed his act as the opening of his lecture.
We had a small stage area set up for him in the archway of our double parlor which served as the lecture hall for our shop.
Luckily, we had seen his act before, and we had put shower curtains on the floor where he would be standing.
At the end of his opener, it looked like he was standing in a desert of salt!
Where he had hidden all that salt is STILL a mystery to us!

A few years later, we still had the magic shop open, but we had moved our residence to a farm way out in the country.
Rocco came for a visit, and was very intrigued when a neighbor brought his shotgun over for some target practice.
Rocco had never fired a shotgun, but he got this idea of making his own manipulation coin, a coin with a hole shot through the center.
Our friend gave Rocco a detailed lesson in safe gun handling, and we fixed a half dollar to a fence post.
Rocco stood about 20 feet from the post, cowboy hat on his head, and fired one shot.
Right through the center of the coin!
Wonder if he still has that coin?

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