Performance: Peter Monticup - What's Next

Posted by Peter Monticup on 5/2/2020 to Monticup Performs

WHAT'S NEXT is a great trick that is easy for the audience to follow AND has a strong ending, so you can leave your audience wanting more.
It's one of my favorite effects, and I often close my show with it.

Here I am performing WHAT'S NEXT at the Gateway Theater several years ago.


Date 5/4/2020
David Hall
This always get a good laugh and a scratch to the head by many watchers. I use it a lot!
Date 5/4/2020
Mr. G.
Date 5/4/2020
Mr. G.
Great and easy illusion. All I can say is that the performance was, "Spot On""!!
Date 5/5/2020
Vincent from Maryland
I love this trick - I bought it 2 weeks ago and performed it for friends on a Zoom call one night later. Really an easy trick and fun to do. Thanks Perter
Date 5/8/2020
Keith Faler
I liked his presentation, and showman ship, of the effect. Peter did a great job! And the audience loved it also.

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