From the Carnival Of Wonders Sideshow, here is my take on the CARNIVAL BOTTLES routine.
Gets such a great reaction every time!

The video is not ideal- it was filmed from inside the lighting control booth up near the ceiling in the back of the theater.
But I hope you enjoy it anyway!


James G Lipscomb

Date 5/25/2020

Good evening, Peter, Snappy little routine there. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the manipulation and the effects. Obviously, so did the audience. And I promise not to tell MGM that you borrowed an iconic image from "A Christmas Story" (or was that, as they say in the trade, "purely coincidental?"). It doesn't matter because it still made me laugh.

Mr. G.

Date 5/25/2020

You sure know how to WoW a crowd!! Nice table prop too! You make magic look so easy even though we know it has been years of discipline and training and yes, even practice. A true professional in action. You even look like you are enjoying the show too!!!

Rocco Guerrera

Date 5/26/2020

Great routine Peter just great. You really had that crowd going!

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