BOB THE CARD TRICK is one of those silly but amazing effects that is great for a larger crowd like this one.
The trick gives you lots of room to make jokes and to play off the responses of your audience members.
And the kicker- the surprise- is that the magic trick itself is strong and very amazing.

Amazing. That's my middle name. My first name is "The". The Amazing Monticup. :-)


Bob Brock

Date 6/2/2020

I really enjoy these presentations. Peter has a great connection with his audience and its hard to tell who is having more fun, Peter or the audience. I would gladly pay for an entire performance. Is a video of that available? Magic isn't just about tricks, its about sharing the experience with an audience that blends both amazement and joy. Peter accomplishes both. Thanks again for these bright spots.

Stan Kern

Date 6/12/2020

Well said, Bob (6/2/2020), I concur!

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