Alexanderia the Great, Escape Artist
HOUDINI NOW Show - November 2014

Alexanderia and I teamed up for a show called HOUDINI NOW in 2014.
The show combined my magic routines with comedy and magic by other guest performers.
And, of course, the grand finale of the show was the Water Tank Escape that Alexanderia performed on America's Got Talent!

The HOUDINI NOW show was a lot of fun, because we had a great cast.
Sideshow Steve performed his crazy stunts, MandaLynn debuted her beautiful Multiplying Parasols act, and the talented Mark Cline performed his incomparably hilarious Barney Fife character as the "victim" of my Carnival Bottles routine.

Here you'll see two clips from the show.
The first is a comedy "race" between Alexanderia and me, to see who can escape first.
She is tied with rope and I am in her straitjacket.

The second clip is Alexanderia's very serious escape routine.
Strapped into the straitjacket, and chained over that, she lowers herself into a small cube filled with water.
The top is locked down, and she has mere minutes to pick the locks and THEN wiggle out of the jacket before she runs out of air.
Even watching it again on video makes me nervous!


Spencer Farmans

Date 7/25/2020

Mr. G.

Date 7/27/2020

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