Peter says:
In 2014, Sideshow Steve and I put together a limited-run production called CARNIVAL OF WONDERS SIDESHOW.
This is the promotional video for it.
The show featured a combination of magic and sideshow stunts, performed against a backdrop of authentic sideshow banners.
I did the magic, and Sideshow Steve did the--- sideshow stuff!

If you'd like to see me post actual clips from the show, just comment below.


Mr. G.

Date 5/4/2020

Terrific promo video! Nice to see Sideshow Steve not complaining about cards tricks. You both did some great effects!! The Magical Dynamic Duo!! So, when is the next collaboration??? Yes, please do release some more videos with both of you performing. Great show you too put on!! Bravo!!

Spencer Farmans

Date 5/5/2020

I never get tired of seeing you or Steve perform. Encore! Encore! Encore! In this case less is not more. More is more! "So let it be written; so let it be done!"

David C Troutman

Date 5/5/2020

Love to watch this kind of stuff! Reminds me of being a kid at the county fair every fall! Please post more!

Rocco Guerrera

Date 5/11/2020

WOW that's all I gots to say WOW...


Date 5/14/2020

every so often I pop in to the sight....EXCELLENT JOB GUYS !!! it's nice to see Steve perform instead of just helping with a trick demo. thanks well, back to work for me.....

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