Performance: Carnival Of Wonders Sideshow

Posted by Peter Monticup on 7/20/2020 to Monticup Performs

Here is the FULL one-hour production of the Carnival Of Wonders, performed in the intimate Gateway Theater in 2013.
The show was scaled down to fit the venue, but actually it is my favorite performance of this show.
Of course, you'll see me perform the comedy magic, and Sideshow Steve doing his crazy danger stunts.
Miss Electra was also in this show- don't miss the other video giving you a backstage peek at the rehearsal...


Date 7/21/2020
John Carpenter
That was great! Thank you for a happy hour of good, old fashioned fun.
Date 7/21/2020
Mr. G.
Simply terrific!!! Very entertaining and motivating!!! Great job for all involved. This video made my day, and I really needed something entertaining. Thank you so much for sharing such a classic show!!!

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