A few of the breathtaking illusions performed by this legendary American Illusionist team...

Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon were a husband-and-wife team of American illusionists who called their work "physical grand illusion".
Jonathan and Charlotte's expert athletic skills allowed the pair to develop a distinctive and graceful take on classic illusions.
It was nearly impossible for anyone else to imitate their methods- rather than rely on mechanics, their illusions relied on sheer physical strength.
Their shows included a number of illusions with which they became particularly associated, including "Interlude", in which a woman crawls through a man's chest.
They were the first artists to perform this trick.
They are noted for their version of "Metamorphosis", with their version billed as the World's Fastest Illusion.

In 2006. Jonathan was practicing an arrow-catching illusion in his studio when he fell onto the broken end of the arrow, piercing several internal organs and missing his heart by a hair's breadth.
Bleeding out, he had passed out but his dog, a white Samoyed, kept pushing and licking him until he regained consciousness enough to crawl to his phone and call for help.
He credits the dog with saving his life.
The wounds were so werious that Jonathan was advised by his doctors to retire from the stage.
Never one to say never, he put himself on a rigorous exercise schedule, determined to heal.
The Pendragons returned to the stage in the fall of 2007, with a show in Charlottesville, VA.
We attended that show, and we were honored to be able to see the great team perform Metamorphosis one last time.
When they took their curtain call, Jonathan had his dog in his arms.






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